A short list of some of the other San Franciscophiles (as well as like-minded lovers of history and travel) who write or speak on the subject of our favourite city.

Suggestions for worthy blogs or podcasts to include? This list is designed to include any and everyone, so please drop me a line with your candidate: richard (@) sparkletack.com.

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San Francisco Blogs

  • And while we’re on the subject …
    “This is my San Francisco: a town full of color and whimsy and serendipity. Expect to see things the tourists don’t come for and the locals take for granted. I always seem to take my favorite shots on the way to do something else”

  • Bay Radical
    An energetic & quirky ongoing history of radical activism in the Bay Area “by someone with no professional credentials or authority beyond a library card”

  • Curbed SF: The San Francisco Neighborhoods and Real Estate Blog
    “From the Golden Gate to The Mission, it all comes back to our neighborhoods: where we live, where we work, where we eat, and where we play. Covering real estate, rental prices, news-making deals and much more, it’s all on Curbed SF.”

  • FogBay
    Beautiful blog, snippets of history combined with gorgeous photography. A class act.

  • Gridskipper
    “The Urban Travel Guide” – hipsters only, San Francisco edition

  • Laughing Squid
    “Art, culture, and technology from San Francisco and beyond” — the must-read underground scoop from the early days of online San Francisco.

  • San Francisco Metroblog
    Community blogging at its finest — daily observations of urban living from a collection of sharp-eyed locals… one of my favourite daily reads.

  • SF Inside
    Tom Kennedy’s long-running and good-hearted blog, with a focus on San Francisco community and art. Check out the “SF Inside Photoblog” as well!

  • SFGate Culture Blog
    “the skew on arts and culture from inside 5th & Mission” — the San Francisco Chronicle’s “new media” contribution.

  • The SFist
    An entertaining San Francisco group blog with a nice, diverse flow — part of the Gothamist urban blogging network

  • Up from the Deep: The Hotel Project
    San Francisco’s downtown SRO hotels – past, present, and future

  • Using San Francisco History
    An interesting blog about accessing San Francisco history through archives and exhibits – its archivist and PhD candidate author calls it “a very informal venue to reflect on the myriad ways San Franciscans produce and use our city’s history.”

  • What I’m Seeing
    “A San Francisco foto blog focusing on history, current events, and day-to-day life thru the lens of our cameras.” Adventurous and unusual, and extremely entertaining!

History and Travel Audio

  • History According to Bob
    Professor Bob Packett has been teaching history for thirty-one years. Though casting a much wider historical net, his passion, knowledge, and conversational style make him a natural for fans of Sparkletack.

  • My SF Stories – Audio Tour Narratives by San Francisco Native Susan Evind
    Authentic accounts of history through Susan’s San Francisco ancestors’ letters, artifacts, photos, stories and family memoirs.

  • Ruby Vignettes
    Ruby Adams was a glamorous turn of the century singer and dancer. This wonderful series of audio recordings by her great-niece (Geene Rees) recounts her life story.

  • SFGate.com “The Great Quake 1906-2006”
    Multimedia and audio from the San Francisco Chronicle, commemorating the Great Quake of ’06.

  • The Amateur Traveler Podcast
    A wonderful travel podcast from Chris Christensen, longtime supporter of Sparkletack. Though not specifically San Francisco related, it’s a podcast for people who love to travel, or at least who dream about it!

Other Cities — Urban Blogs and Podcasts