Transcripts for Sparkletack’s 2-part “Story of Treasure Island” podcast series are now online at the website of the upcoming Treasure Island Music Festival (September 15th-16th).

» Transcript: Treasure Island Music Festival
» Podcast: The Story of Treasure Island (part 1)
» Podcast: The Story of Treasure Island (part 2)

And why are they there? Well, the inspiration for the series originally came in an email from Bill Rousseau of Noise Pop Industries. He simply asked if I would write a short history of Treasure Island for the festival’s website. Since the event will actually be held on the island, he thought a little historical perspective would help people enjoy their experience out there in the middle of the bay.

I had to agree. I’m a huge fan of Noise Pop anyway — their amazing music festivals have been expanding San Francisco minds and ears for fifteen years already. But what was even more appealing was the fact that I didn’t know the first thing about the island!

The simple write-up Bill requested expanded dramatically as I started to dig in… and as with just about any San Francisco story, there was more to tell than I could have ever imagined.

So I learned a thing or two, and I invite you to share. Enjoy!