Well, the promised 7×7 interview has finally hit the streets. It’s a disconcerting experience to read one’s spoken words in print, especially if it turns out that they’ve been edited to fit the story! I’m not complaining, though — it’s all more or less correct. And the more San Franciscans are inspired tune in to hear the stories of our city, the better… not to belabor the point, but of course that is the point!

I haven’t actually seen a copy of the magazine yet, but a FoS (Friend of Sparkletack) over at Roshambo Winery not only posted a scan of the page, but painstakingly retyped the text of article in a blog post.

Curious? Read the text of the article here. (thanks, Scott!)

EDIT 5/30/07
Hey! I just noticed that the subhead of the article characterizes me as “debunking” Mark Twain. Faithful listeners will recognize that this notion is a little wide of the mark — I’ve never said a negative word about “Cousin Mark”, and never will.