“Hey mom, my picture’s gonna be in a magazine!”

Strange but true. I just spent an hour in a studio with a battery of hot lights trained on my mug… the results of which should appear in the June 2007 issue of San Francisco’s local style magazine “7×7“.

I suspect the “new media” cachet of podcasting is what lured 7×7 to my digital doorstep — and who knew 1875 was going to become hip? I can’t say I’ve ever actually read the magazine, but to my delight I was informed that I’ve got a few fans on the inside. The interviewer couldn’t have been nicer, and the whole thing is a fantastic opportunity to promote San Francisco’s history to the people who will benefit the most… San Franciscans.

My hope is that the interview will spark 7×7’s readership with enthusiasm for our city’s past, to just start noticing as they walk around town. Chances are good that you ‘re already inspired — after all, here you are — but wouldn’t it be cool to be able to share the energy and wonder of everything that’s come before with the whole population? A city completely connected to its past…. that’s exactly what we’re trying to do here.

And apropos of that, I thought you might enjoy the work of the photographer who happened to draw the job of shooting me. His name’s Jeff Singer, a native Bay Area guy, and there’s a small gallery of San Francisco-themed black and white work up on his website. Never fails to amaze me what a photogenic city we have here. Enjoy…