San Francisco is about to be invaded by geographers! The annual convention of the Association of American Geographers is coming to town, and Jesse Rouse, cohost of the VerySpatial podcast (an excellent show covering geography and geospatial technology) thought I would be a good candidate to give their listeners some idea about what there is to see and do in our fair city — from a historical perspective, naturally.

For the results of my stream-of-consciousness phone discussion with the good geographers, in which I hardly let them get a word in edgewise, have a listen to the podcast at their website:

VerySpatial episode #18

Amazing what clever editing can do!

Full disclosure — I will be taking part in a panel called “Spread the word: Podcasting, blogging and the New Media in Geography” at the convention on Friday, April 20.

For more information about VerySpatial and the AAG Conference:
» 2007 AAG Annual Meeting

April 21, 2007: Thanks again to the VerySpatial folks for inviting me to the panel discussion, and for that totally stylish tshirt! (“countries and mountains and more, oh my!”) It was an intriguing and informative couple of hours, and I only hope my contribution was as useful to the geographers in attendance as their ideas were to me. More than a few new concepts in collaborative online geography seemed to apply directly to the Sparkletack project — so stay tuned for further developments.

random episode from the archives:
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