well, here goes: as i give attention to some exciting san francisco related projects that i’ve been cooking up, including the writing of a book, sparkletack will be on hold for a month or two.

the book will be a how-to guide on the subject of urban history podcasting, something I hope will inspire sparkletack-like projects in other parts of the country, and the website will go through a much-needed transformation, with a san francisciana resource center, san francisco tour reviews, and lots of other new and useful stuff.

i know that you look forward to the show every week, and i’ll miss these sparkletack weekends, but i’ll be back – and the stories aren’t going anywhere. that’s part of the magic of san francisco, there is always more to tell. a few of you have expressed worry about the possibility that i might eventually run out of stories – never fear, I have a huge black binder stuffed to capacity with fascinating tales of san francisco that i’m looking forward to sharing with you.

if you’d like to be directly notified when i return to these virtual airwaves, or when one or another of my projects reaches completion, take a look over to the right of the website – i’ve added a simple form for you to add your name to the growing mailing list. (your contact info is safe with me.)

in many ways this show depends the people who write in and share their thoughts. i’ll continue to answer email from you and check the comments pages on all of the past episodes, so please feel free to keep in touch as usual with questions, comments, and show requests.

thanks so much for listening…. til next time.