This week’s podcast chooses just one of the many thousands of individual stories to emerge from the catastrophe, following the eccentric Italian superstar and the storied hotel through their respective trials and tribulations. One survives… but the other does not.

For further edification:
» “The San Francisco Earthquake” – Gordon Thomas, Max Morgan Witts
» “Lest We Forget” – 1906 Earthquake memoir
» 1906 earthquake synopsis –
» 1906 earthquake online exhibit – Bancroft Library
» Caruso biography – Wikipedia
» the Caruso page
» Caruso’s “clarification”
» SF Public Library earthquake photo collection
» technical story of the 1906 earthquake – United States Geological Survey
» SF Public Library earthquake photo collection
» Vespadan’s photostory synopsis
» USGS earthquake conference
» 1906 earthquake alliance
» Faultline @ the Exploratorium – featuring indescribable earthquake songs from Mel Zucker
» Jello City – a must see

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musical support:
Thanks to Patrick Gorman for this week’s music, “Bella” – provided through a Creative Commons license.