RSS ChickletYou’re in luck — this podcast and blog is available as an RSS feed.

RSS delivers web content at your convenience — and the initials stand for nothing more complicated than “Really Simple Syndication”. The flow of that content from my site to your desktop is called a “feed”.

The Sparkletack RSS feed provides updates whenever I publish new content — all you need to do is tell your “podcatcher” or “feed reader” (the software which collects RSS content) where to look, and it will find deliver the latest post right to your digital doorstep. And you can tell it to stop collecting whenever you like.

iTunes, the 800 pound gorilla

Don’t have a podcatcher yet? Well, let’s face it: Apple’s iTunes is the most popular and conveniently available podcatcher out there — and it’s easy and free, and available on Mac and PC platforms.

If you already have iTunes installed, try this: click the following link, and the program will automatically open and take you to the “Sparkletack” subscription page.

Click to open the iTunes page for sparkletack.

Another way to subscribe is to search for Sparkletack through iTunes, or better yet, just paste this address right into iTunes — you’ll find the “subscribe to podcast…” link under the “Advanced” menu:

Get all the posts too!

This is by far the easiest way to catch up on every book review, new walking tour, and all the San Francisco coolness that I write about on the Sparkletack blog: just fill out the form below and you’ll get every post delivered right to your inbox:

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Want the blog delivered to your favourite RSS feed reader instead? Just paste this address right into it:

If you don’t have such a thing yet, there are a number of web-based feed readers available online, also completely free. Try Bloglines or the Google Reader.

Enjoy! And if you’re confused, or have any questions or problems with this, feel free to send me an email: richard (at)