San Francisco City Guides

Sparkletack is featured in this month’s “Guidelines”, the newsletter of the non-profit San Francisco City Guides. You know about them already, right? Free tours all over town run by smart, dedicated volunteers? I’ve experienced several (and reviewed a couple (1, 2) of their offerings, so it seems only fair that they’d take a look at Sparkletack.

It turned out to be a nice little piece:

“I love my iPod, but it is kind of a piece of junk with lots of programming bugs. At my last visit to the Genius Bar to get the thing fixed, the Genius complimented me on my podcast collection. And then he told me Sparkletack was one of his favorites.”
— read the rest of the article here

It isn’t all about Sparkletack of course — the newsletter features several short articles about San Francisco history every month, and is well worth a read. Adolph Sutro, the movie-makeover of the Castro Theatre, the 1894 Midwinter Fair and a local angle on the Lincoln Brigade are featured in the current issue, and the stories are as interesting and well-researched as the walking tours.

Thanks for the plug, Guides!