My time away from the show has been action-packed, both because of the profusion of ideas for changes and improvements, and also because my personal life has taken an unexpected turn for the hectic. Moving out of my cozy apartment after almost eight years turned into a much more complicated maneuver than I had imagined, a european sojourn has created its own set of issues, and… well, enough said.

The short version of this story is that my hiatus from Sparkletack has now gone on quite a bit longer than I had originally planned, and some of the more ambitious changes may take a bit more time to implement.

I just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t vanished, and don’t intend to. Rest assured that the half of my brain not currently absorbed by the logistics of moving has been busy cataloging leads for new and fascinating stories of love, loss, lunacy, and other typical tales of this fair city.

Keep the letters and show ideas coming, and know that I’m looking forward to the day I can sit down at the microphone and resume sparkling once again.

Thanks for your support… and though it may be wearing a bit thin, your patience!