In this week’s podcast we’ll marvel at beautiful Lotta Crabtree, quintessential star of the late 1800s. She was the protege of Lola Montez, the highest paid performer on Broadway, the darling of the entire nation, and the most popular comedienne of her era.

As you may already suspect, her story begins right here in California, and the city nearest and dearest to her heart was the gold rush town which had bestowed the first of many nicknames to come: the “San Francisco Favourite”.

For further edification:
» Lotta Biography – with photos
» Lotta’s Legacy – essay by J. Kingston Pierce
» “San Francisco Rising” coverage – Leah Garchik
» “San Francisco Rising” photos – San Francisco Sentinel
» Fountain refurbishment – San Francisco Chronicle
» Lotta’s opera – live on Market Street

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Musical support:
Bandjoe for this week’s banjo tunes “Old Joe Clark” and “Cluck Ole Hen”, provided through a Creative Commons license.