Downtown San Francisco on a Tuesday afternoon, and every businessman’s face looks the same. Whatever happened to eccentric and iconic characters like Emperor Norton and Oofty Goofty?

You search the streets, hoping desperately for a flicker of life or a flash of the eccentricity that once shaped our city. Then you spot something out of the corner of your eye. It’s a sign of some sort, with letters fluorescing brightly on a black background. It looms over the downtown lunchtime scene like an alien invader, moving inexorably towards you as you stand transfixed in the center of the sidewalk. It is upon you! You scarcely take in the bearer, a diminutive Asian man in wraparound sunglasses, because his neatly uppercase signboard, resplendent in red and green and luminous blue, communicates intensity:

12 Galaxies
titrokutikel covetousness
cnn: lexkroxanicul coverage
centrifuges rheumatoids

The message was different yesterday, featuring “triogonic scandal” and “dectrogonic skeptical preemptive miscreants”. Don’t be shy, scratch your head — but don’t forget to smile, because your wish has been granted: You’ve just encountered Frank Chu, man on a mission, and grade-A San Francisco eccentric.

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