Everybody’s having it. at home, at work, on the bus… everywhere in San Francisco the same question… and what are we asking each other about?

“Sooo…. how much rent are YOU paying?”

We don’t normally discuss things like this. Just as our social mores dictate that questions about sexual habits or body weight are off-limits, questions that relate to money are taboo. Well, maybe if you live elsewhere in the country. But much like the public acknowledgment of a sex-change operation, what is a social taboo in most of the rest of the country is fair game here!

It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the country, if not the world, but the aftermath of the dot-com bust has left us struggling. Whether you’re renting or buying, the San Francisco housing market is becoming the worst in the country, inexorably altering the charming face of the city. But perhaps the solution is built into our geography! perhaps what we need is… an earthquake.

thanks to equuinoxx for the use of the track “terra firma”. check them out at their garageband website